Durga Puja abroad

Durga Puja abroad: World Wide Durga Puja Festival : Durga puja is one of the important festivals of the Bengalis. In fact, it is the festival when the divine god is prayed to bestow her blessings on the disciples. The celebration actually goes for four days called shasti, saptami, Ashtami and Nabami. Out of all

Thaipusam or Kavadi

Thaipusam or Kavadi In the southern India during the months of January and February people do celebrate one of the most prestigious festivals. In fact, the festival is also celebrated in the regions of Malaysia, Srilanka, Singapore, South Africa etc. The folklore, which reckons the way, how did Mata parvati give a weapon to Karkita

Saraswati Puja

Saraswati Puja “ Om Aim saras vatayi Svaha ” the enchanting mantra reminds you one of the modest gods of knowledge and wisdom that is Lord Saraswati. She is the one who empowers you with power of enriching your knowledge. In fact, she is also worshipped for giving you a wonderful vocal cord which is

Ram Nabhami

Ram Nabhami You all know that Lord Rama was actually the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Puranas lamented that he was considered to the seventh one in terms of the incarnation. He actually came to this earth by taking birth to Raja Dasarath and Kaushalya. In fact, you would love to know that the celebrations


Rakshavandhan: Relationships are the integral parts of our lives. In fact, we cannot think of a single moment without each other. No matter what ever the relationship is the important is that we need to preserve that in every possible ways. One such finest relation exists between a brother and sister. The relation between these


Pongal Festival: Pongal is one of the famous and renowned festivals of the Tamilians. It actually takes place in the regions of the Tamil Nadu. It is actually celebrated according to the dates of the winter solstice. The festival called pongal is actually done to offer some good please the great Sun god. This even


Navaratri : The word Nava means nine and ratri means night. In short, you can say that it is the festival of nine nights. You could see that navaratri is the festival when various forms of devi durga is worshipped. In fact, about nine forms of durga are worshipped through these nine days. On the

Mansarabor Holy Yatra

Mansarabor Yatra When it comes to visit a holy place you could not miss out the name of Mansarobar. It is located in the midst of the Kailash Mountain. Obviously the lake holds an important position in the history of yatra. A taboo always tells that having the pious waer from the Mansarobar lake actually

Nag Panchami

Nag Panchami The Hindus are great devotees of Nag devta. As you know that almost various parts of India as well as Nepal people do worship snakes as one of the most powerful Gods who bestows luck and prosperity. It is a belief that a place called nag lok is present in the lower portion


Mahashivratri : Shivratri means the night for Lord Shiva. It is actually celebrated in the months of Phalgun or magha on the 13th night or the 14 th day. The festival is celebrated every year and in every parts of the country. It is also known by some other names like the shivarathri. The tithi