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April Fools’ Day

Date: 1st April

April Fools’ Day or All Fools’ Day is considered as one of the most exciting and light hearted days of the year. The day of pranks is also known as St All-Fool’s Morn, Huntigowk Day, Gowkie Day, and April Noddy Day. Celebrated worldwide on 1 April, it is a day when people with their loved ones play light pranks, hoaxes, humor reigns and practical jokes. However, this is not a national holiday, but is broadly known as a day when people play light jokes with each other.

Theories of April Fools’ Day Origination

The origin of April Fools’ Day is not clear. One of the most popular theory behind its beginning states that it began from 1582. It is the same time when France took up Gregorian calendar. Celebration of New Year was also changed from March end to January.

Due to lack of proper communication, many people were not aware with the changes made in New Year calendar. People who were rebellious said no to this change and continued to commemorate New Year on the same day became victims of several jokes.

This specific group of people were tagged ‘Fools’ by others and sent to fool errands. This tradition changed over the time and came to known as ‘April Fools’ Day’. Very soon, this holiday spread its wings in other parts of globe and took the shape of a global festival.

April Fools’ Day observance around the world

In England, people play jokes in the early hours of morning. The trickster is known as ‘gobby’ or ‘gobs’ and the tricked person is called ‘Noodle’ A popular belief is that the prank day brings bad luck to people who play practical gags on an individual after noon.

In Rome, this festivity is rejoiced by the name of ‘Festival of Hilaria’ and ‘Roman Laughing Day’. It celebrates the re-birth of God Attis.

In France, April Fools’ Day is also labeled as ‘Poisson d’Avril’, which signifies April Fish. On this day, French kids tapes fishes made up with paper on the backs of their school mates. The moment their friends notice the paper fish, the trickster would scream “Poisson d’Avril!”