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Bikaner Camel Festival

Date: 04th -05th January
Month: January-February
Place: Bikaner, Rajasthan (India)
Major Highlights: Camel fair and festival, procession, competition

Bikaner Camel Festival is a yearly celebration dedicated to the ship of the desert- camel. The festival is organized by the Department of Tourism of the Rajasthan Government. The festival is best for those who want to come across the colorful glory of Rajasthan.

The Bikaner camel festival begins with a stunning procession of brightly bejeweled camels against the awe-inspiring milieu of the Junagarh Fort. The celebration then continues to the sandy stretch of the Polo Ground that is followed by exciting events. Camels and their owners both are dressed in their finest attire as well as accessories to relish the festival.

The festival also is famous for its renowned camel dance which is fun to watch for spectators, as camels follow their owners’ instructions and move their body. Apart from that the celebration includes camel milking, fur cutting design, camel race, the best-breed competition, camel acrobatics & camel beauty pageants.

Camel traders as well as craftsmen come from far flung areas of Rajasthan to take part into the festival. During the celebration, there is plenty of scope for souvenir shopping, eating, and clicking some great images. Other attractions include fire dancers, skirt swirling dancers and fireworks illuminating the fortified desert city.