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Christmas Day

Christmas is one of the most well-known festivals, which is celebrated all across globe with full zest and gaiety on 25 December. It is also known as “Xmas’, ‘Nativity’ and ‘Noel’. The popular festival is commemorated to celebrate the birth of great Lord Jesus Christ, who was the founder of Christianity. Rejoiced with immense zeal and cheerfulness in many parts of the world, Christmas has now become a global festival.

Popular rituals of Xmas include the decoration of Christmas trees, exchange of gifts, offering prayers to the Lord, rejoicing sumptuous meals with loved ones and, of course, waiting for Santa Claus to bring lovely gifts and happiness in life.

History of Christmas Day

Birth of Lord Jesus

The ruler of Palestine, King August wanted to know the number of people living in his kingdom so he told all the people to return to their ancestors’ birthplace. The most blessed Joseph and Virgin Mary was a part of his kingdom so they journeyed to their birthplace Bethlehem.

Tired from the long journey, Joseph and Mary decided to spend the night in the outskirts of Bethlehem. Around midnight, Mary gave birth to a male child; she covered him in clothes and laid him in the straw in manger. The small town of Bethlehem was unaware of the sacred event that had taken place. There were some shepherds who were living in the little town heard the first cry of the Jesus Christ.

When Lord Jesus came into the world, three wise men knew that the redeemer of the world had been born. Soon after this, these wise men started out to find Jesus. They saw the heavenly sky and a bright star in the heaven showed them the path to Bethlehem. Then they reached to stable where Jesus was sleeping in the manger. The wise men entered in the stable, offer many gifts to Joseph and Mary, and celebrated the birth of Lord with full jollity.

Christmas Traditions and Legends

The Story of Santa Claus

During the 4th century, the tale of Santa Claus was originated when a bishop named St. Nicholas of Myra spread love and goodwill through gifts. It is said that the kind hearted bishop came on a white horse and in red clothes. The generous nature of St. Nicholas made him popular and his acts of kindness spread all through Europe.

When the great saint took his last breath on 6th December, a church was structured in his memory by his followers. Soon this day became a day of charity and gifts giving and in 16th century, the death anniversary of the great saint got combined with Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Tree Decoration

The decoration of Christmas tree is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas celebrations. As per the legends, the famous German monk and church reformer, Martin Luthar is closely associated with the decoration of trees. The story goes like this, one day the monk was meandering through the woods and suddenly he saw the drops of dew on fir trees were gleaming like stars. He was so captivated by the dazzling beauty that he brought a small tree to his home and beautified it with lights, colorful ribbons and candles. After this incident, the decoration of trees has been become a part of Christmas celebrations in various parts of globe.

The Bright Christmas Star

Do you know why the stars are hung on Christmas Tree? It is said that in Bethlehem, when Lord Jesus came into the world, a new star was seen in the sky. This star was frightening the shepherds of the Bethlehem due to its unusual shine. To resolve their worries, an angel appeared on earth and said that the star has come to bring happiness and show you the place where the redeemer of world, Lord Jesus is born. All the shepherds followed the shining star and reached to the place where Jesus took birth. They bowed down and showered him with several gifts. Due to this, every year, the tree of Christmas is adorned with shining star to seek the blessings of the almighty.

Christmas Day Celebrations

Xmas brings happiness, peace and cheerfulness. Every year, Christians celebrate the great festival all over the world. People buy Christmas trees and decorate them with colorful items like stockings, stars and other things. They go to Church, offer prayers to the divine being, and light up candles to seek the blessings of the God. Beautiful gifts are also exchanged amid loved ones to show their love and care.