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Dussehra Fair Kota

Date: 21st Sep - 22nd October, 2015

The festival of Dussehra symbolizes the victory of darkness over knowledge and good over evil. Commemorated with great gusto all across India, the splendid festivity falls in the Hindu month of Ashwin (September or October).

Kota, a well-known city of multicolored and vivacious Rajasthan celebrates this festival with a tradition called Dussehra Fair that magnetizes people from far and wide. Dussehra fair at Kota is quite unique and different, as, here it is not just a starting of festival season, but a lot more than this. The fair is quite huge and every year it receives a good flow of people from various parts to witness this grand gala.

Legends behind Kota Dussehra Fair

The Dussehra fair at Kota is one of the most prominent cultural vents of this exhilarating city of Rajasthan. The history of this festivity goes back to 1723 AD. The celebration of Dussehra was began during the empire of Mahrao Durjanshal Singh Hada. At that time, several holy programs at various worship places were organised at the time of Dussehra.

Apart from this, traditional processions were also carried and ‘Darikhana’, which was a special gathering of several Thikanedaars was also organized at the same time. During this time period, the height of the dummies of Raven, Kumbhkaran and his son Meghnadh was 20-25 feets and the Dussehra festival was celebrated for 3 days. Hada rulers continued this tradition, but Maharaja Ummed Singh II gave this Dussehra festival a new and vivacious look. Maharaja Ummed Singh II was a religious person and a very good administrator. The grand Dussehra fair at Kota is one of the best gifts bestowed by him to the city.

Special Attractions

The Dussehra fair in Kota is a magnificent riot of hues. Well-decked shops, colorful cultural performances and vividly clad locals - all grapple your attention as soon as you take entry in the ebullient fair. Exciting Ramayana performances and theatrical enactments from the holy Ramayana grab the attention of people.

Huge effigies of Raven, Kumbhkaran and Meghnath are stuffed with firecrackers and burnt on this day to signify the triumph of good over evil. Slogans eulogizing the triumph of darkness over knowledge rent the air as the huge burning dummies come down to the ground. The explosion of light and sound escalated by the shouts of victory and merriment of the people gathered at the fair.

To watch the triumph of good over evil, people from various nook and cranny gathers here in multicolored attires and offer prayers to Lord Rama. Laden with courteous magnificence and age old customs, the Dussehra fair is marked by a shimmering procession that pulls a good number of people. Akin to other festivals in Rajasthan, this carnival also endows visitors an opportunity to traders to exhibit their eye catching items to the urban, rural as well as overseas tourists to imbue in the magic of this charming state. Various artists from all across the nation are invited to partake in cultural activities that mesmerize the spectators with their performances.