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Earth Day

Date: 22nd April, 2015

A day devoted to increasing alertness about the earth, its problems and issues is known as“Earth Day”. It is a special event that is commemorated all across globe on the same day of 22nd April raises awareness about earth. Senator Gaylord Nelson started this day; the first Earth day celebration took place on April 22, 1970. A good number of people participated in this event and they inspire appreciation and awareness towards the declining condition of our earth.

Why April 22 is commemorated as Earth Day?

Our galaxy is made up with sun and its eight planets, but in all the planets, earth turned out to be the luckiest as it was the planet where life became possible. The beautiful and delicate forms of living beings sustained on earth and one of them is human life. Soon human beings became excessively greedy and forgot that planet earth gave us life and space to flourish and breath freely.

Human beings lost their kindness and used the resources of earth pitilessly and eventually the callous use gave birth to a number of environmental related problems and global warming is the best example of this. USA senator Gaylord Nelson was anxious about the swift speed of industrialization and reckless attitude of humans towards earth. It was then planned to promote the idea of environmentalism to encourage respect for Mother Nature and this is how Earth Day came into existence.

To save earth and its resources from the cruel and greedy hands of human beings, senator from USA initiate the idea of Earth Day and raise voice against the excessive misuse of earth’s resources. The first event highlighted the concerns about several types of pollutions and over 20 million Americans participate in the event and made is contagious. Since then, every year on 22nd April this day is commemorated all over the globe.

What Kind Of Issues Are Highlighted On This Day?

Due to extreme and ruthless use of resources, several environmental related issues pollution and global warming have cropped up and these problems need attention and solution as well. Problems like greener economy, creating greener jobs, emission of carbon through renewable energy sources, more planting of trees, and other related matters are highlighted on earth day.

The significance of Earth Day in Modern Era…

Earth day simply means think globally and act locally to shield ecosystem from various dangers. This day loudly echoes the message that our beautiful planet is in crisis and every person living on this earth should contribute to preserve the resources and make this planet beautiful and safe for future generations.