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Date: 05th April, 2015

Christians celebrate the festival of Easter all across globe to commemorate the rebirth of Lord Jesus - the Son of God. The date of this pious festivity is not fixed and it is usually celebrated between March 21 and April 25. The old and the young, women and men, poor and rich, and people of all the races commemorated this day with devotion.

History of Easter

Easter is one of the most widely celebrated days of the modern Christian Church. According to the great historian of 18th century, St. Bede, Teutonic mythology is the starting point of the origination of Easter. The name Easter is mainly derived from the word “Eostre” that means the ancient Greek Goddess of spring season. It is considered that after a long time, Eostre came to earth after a time and gave respite from long and cold winter season. Therefore, ancient Greeks organized Pagan festivities to greet Eostre and announced the outset of warm spring season.

The Pagan festivities always matched with the vernal Equinox in the month of March every year. Though the people of Greek were not completely aware of when and why spring arrives, they believed that the Eostre must be satisfied to make ensure that spring comes back year after year. The celebration includes, sumptuous meals, dance performance, singing of holy hymns, in short, the Greeks celebrated the arrival of spring with high spirits. After sometime, The Christian Church decided to change the Pagan festival from a spring celebration to celebration of the rebirth of the Jesus Christ. The Church also changed the date of the festival in 325 A.D. Since that, Easter is celebrated every year on different dates.

Easter Celebrations

Easter is a sacred festival, which is celebrated by Christians all across the globe. On Easter, Churches are decked with dim lights and special prayers are organized in the memory of Lord Jesus. The festival is then followed by an elaborately Sunday mass, with soothing music played in the background. In some places, the devotees of Christ carry out grand parades. People go to Church, enjoy sumptuous meals and donate money to the deprived ones.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs play an imperative role in the celebration of this festivity. The egg is an ancient sign of new life. From the perspective of Christians, Easter eggs are the symbol of Lord Christ’s emergence from the tomb and rebirth. Beautifying eggs for this festival is an old age tradition that dates back to at least the 13th century, as per some sources. Hollow eggs were decked with the images of Jesus Christ.