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Father’s Day

Date: 21st June

Fathers play a significant role in the upbringing of a child from birth through adulthood. The naive eyes of a kid perceives father as strong, powerful, truly loving, a bit harsh at times and the most important person in the family. For sons, fathers are the strongest person and they learn emulate them to become a better human being. On the other side, for daughters, fathers are the most caring person on the earth.

In a nutshell, fathers are special and they deserve a day especially devoted to them. Father’s Day is the day which is set apart for honoring all the fathers for their supreme role in the nurturing of a child. It is an ideal day to express the unarticulated and unsaid feeling towards your father for all his support and love and realize your father his importance in your life.

Father’s Day History

A day dedicated to all, Father’s Day is just the perfect day to express feelings of thankfulness to every father in the world. Today, this special day is celebrated in various nations with high spirits, but things were not the same.

Initially Father’s day had a meek starting. The history of this day started in the year 1909 in Washington. In Spokane, Washington, Sonora Smart Dodd, a loving woman from Spokane was in Church. She was listening a sermon there, which inspired her to have a special day dedicated to her father who brought her single-handedly, after she lost her mother.

Sonora Smart Dodd could realize the importance of her father and wanted to tell her his greatness. On the birthday of her father, Sonora paid tribute to her father and this is how the first Father’s Day was celebrated in the year 1910. She was the first who bring the idea of a day that should be dedicated to all the fathers of world.

In 1913, the president of US Woodrow Wilson passed a bill in the year 1916 and makes the day official. National Father’s Day committee was also formed in New York City.

Significance of Father’s Day Festival

The important day bestows us a chance to express thanks to our father for all their hard work, efforts, affection and unconditional love. Observance of Father’s Day makes fathers feel their momentous contribution the family and society as well. In modern times, fathers are not only the bread earners of the family, but they also change the nappies of their child and help in household chores. This beautiful cultural change is reinforcing their bond with family members.

Father’s Day Celebrations

Over the years, Father’s Day has gained a lot of fame. Along with US, the festival is commemorated numerous nations on a grand scale though on a different date. A number of activities are organized in educational institutions. Gifts like greeting cards, flowery arrangements, assorted chocolates, trendy apparels and other stuffs are bestowed to fathers to make him feel their importance and special role played by them. However, the best way is to hug your father, say “I Love you Papa” and shower him with the gifts of his choice.