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Friendship Day

Date: 6th August, 2017

Friendship is not just a relationship; it is a perfect amalgamation of respect, care, affection, trustworthiness, and loads of fun. A simple yet meaningful word, Friendship fills up mind with the golden memories that we have spent with our cute and naughty buddies. This bond is different from all other relations and in every phase of life, we all feel the need of friends.

Friends are like angels who can see the hidden truth and feel the pain in your eyes when you try to fool all. “A real friend is the one who supports you when rest of the world leaves you alone, so care for your friends and cherish this sweet relationship”.

Every year, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as ‘Friendship Day’ and dedicated to bond that is shared amid pals since ages. It is a special day to recall the sweet and strong bond of friendship between friends, family members and lovers. Akin to other occasions, the special day is rejoiced with fervor and great fanfare.

History of Friendship Day

The custom of commemorating Friendship Day started when the US Congress stated to devote a day in the honor of pals. At that time the destructive effect of the First World War was acting like a fuel in the fire. All the countries were seeing each other with hatred and the augmented antagonisms, abhorrence and distrust making the ideal conditions for another imminent war.

The greater need of camaraderie is felt by all the nations. Therefore, the US Congress decided to select the first Sunday of August month as Friendship Day. Merely with a formal declaration in the year 1935, the members of the Congress declared this day as a holiday, which is dedicated to companionship. The lofty idea of reverencing the beautiful relationship is admired by many nations. The rapid success of this beautiful occasion was not restricted to the US only, but more and more countries started celebrating it. Today, a lot of nations excitedly celebrate the special occasion every year.

Friendship Day Celebration

Festivals are the ideal ways to express ocean of emotions. Friendship Day is one such event that speaks up a lot about love, care and affection which strengthens the bond of comradeship. Trusts, anger, empathy, intimacy, loyalty, support and understanding, are the emotions that makes this relationship pious and special.

Friendship day is mainly celebrated by young generation. On this day, gifts like chocolates, cookies, friendship bands, greeting cards, floral arrangements, and other enticing items are exchanged between friends, which make this occasion more exciting, memorable and fun-filling. Parties are organized and pals savor yummy delicacies with each other.

The bottom-line is that this is the day to have fun with your special buddies…