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Goa Carnival

Date: 6th - 9th Febuary, 2016

Goa Carnival is one of the most awaited events that seize the attention of fun loving people from far and wide. The petite and frolicsome state of India hosts the extravagant event every year, which showcases a number of exotic colors and the real picture of ebullient Goa. Both young and aged participate in this grand gala and celebrate this Goan festivity with full joy and enthusiasm. Goa Carnival is a festival of music, dance and color which take over the state into a magical world of delight, enjoyment and spirit.

When Does Goa Carnival Celebrated?

The high-spirited people of Goa celebrate the splendid Goa Carnival with great enthusiasm and zeal. The tropical heaven of India, Goa comes alive with merry-making, amusement, music, frolic, fun, and non-stop festivity during 3 to 4 days. This carnival epitomizes the fun loving culture of Goa.

History of Goa Carnival

King Momo started the grand Goa Carnival in the year 1961. He was one of the most popular Chaos kings of the Portuguese state. Portugal had been experienced the reign of various Portuguese rulers for more than 500 years. The magnificent carnival shows some of the pictures of Old Portuguese lifestyle. When King Momo became the ruler of the state, the people of his kingdom celebrated his victory for three continuous days.

This has now become a custom and in Modern Goa, the festival is relished in a more vibrant and lively manner. In addition, the people of Portugal were excessively influenced by the culture of Greeks and Romanians through which the concept of Lent was emerged. When Romanians and Greeks invaded Indian land, the beliefs and festivities inexorably arrived with them on this subcontinent. This aura of this heart stirring festival reaches all the corners of the state.

Features of Goa Carnival

This event is an awe-inspiring and showcases a rich amalgamation of dance, music, colorful performances ,and a lot that could leave anyone rapt. The ball dance artists charmingly bedeck the evenings of colorful Goa carnival. If you love to hang out during the nights then this gala is simply perfect for you. Apart from all the attractions, the food stalls also hold a special place as they entice the taste buds of the visitors with several lip-smacking delicacies. If you love to drench your taste buds with spine chilling cocktails, Goa Carnival offers you a variety of cocktails that you won’t find easily anywhere.

Goa Carnival greets people of all age groups from all the four corners of the world. Yet, the festivity is special for young ones who generally have the proclivity of parties and night outs. Colorful and vibrant processions are taken out all through the night and mask dances, joyful circus and exhilarating street parties are also the main part of the carnival. The Goa Carnival also features their own well-known Konkani dance culture, wherein artists wear colorful masks and shake their legs on the electrifying drum beats. The last day of this grand festivity showcases Red and Black dance, which is one of the most important parts of this state.

Dominated by lots of enjoyment and fun, Goa Carnival is an ideal festivity to experience the colorful and frolicsome side of Goa. Be a part of this three day extravaganza and take a break from the hustle bustle of the city life.