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Good Friday

Date: 25th March, 2016

Good Friday is also called Great Friday, Holy Friday and Black Friday. In Christian calendar, Good Friday is considered as a solemn day. The solemn day is observed on the Friday and before the Easter Sunday. It is meant to celebrate the passion, pain and death of the great Jesus Christ. Every year, people who belong to Christian community commemorate this day and pay tribute to the Jesus Christ.

Origin and History of Good Friday

As per the legends, Jesus Christ observed fast for forty days in deserted land before he started preaching. After that, he taught the importance of prayer to people and fasting to get victory over the malicious deeds. Good Friday marks the end of the 40 day period of fasting and abandonment during lent that reminds the days Jesus Christ spent in the desert.

After the completion of this period, Christ came back to Jerusalem and the people of Jerusalem welcomed him as the King of the Jews. The enthusiastic acceptance of Jesus Christ by the people of Jerusalem made the monarchs fear that they would lose the loyalty of people and compelled them to plot against him.

With the support of Judas, who deceived Jesus for thirty silver pieces, Jesus was detained for betrayal and condemned to be crucified. This incident took place on Maundy Thursday and the next day that is known as Good Friday became the darkest and gloomiest day in Christianity. On this day, Jesus was crucified for the mistake, which he never committed. Jesus, by his act of praying and forgiving for even those who took his life got triumph for good over evil.

Importance of Good Friday

In Christianity, Good Friday is a sorrowful day. It is commemorated as a day of penance and fasting in the memory of Jesus Christ. On this day, the followers somberly remind the reparation of Lord Jesus and his great significance on the cross of Calvary. Meditation and peaceful prayers follow the mournful day. The traditions and customs of Good Friday are different from all other ceremonies and add to the day’s considerable importance. The whole ceremony is solemn, with followers and priests dressed in black vestments. The altar and pulpit are bare, and no candles are lit. The reason behind the somber presentation is to create consciousness of sorrow over the forfeit of Lord Christ.

Good Friday Celebrations

For the Christian community, Good Friday is a day of grief, as it celebrates the crucifixion and painful death of Lord Christ. On this auspicious day, liturgical services are organized in the church. These are services start at noon and continue for the next three hours. A few minutes of silent meditation and holy hymns are followed on this mournful day.

Devotion called “Three Hour Agony” or “Tre Ore” is organized at this time that is followed by meditation. The prime aim of Good Friday services is to allow the devotees of Lord Christ to experience the humiliation, agony and pain that Jesus faced on this sorrowful and dark day.