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Guru Nanak Jayanti

Date: 6th November, 2015

Guru Nanak Dev was the founder of the Sikh religion and the first Sikh guru. The divine saint was born in the month of Karthik and on full moon day according to Hindu calendar. As per Gregorian calendar, the birthday of Guru Nanak Ji falls in the month of October or November. Sikhs all across globe mark this pious day by taking out holy processions, reading the Guru Granth Sahib, and reciting hymns. Guru Nanak Jayanti is commemorated with honor, zeal, pride and great reverence.

Guru Nanak Jayanti Legends

Guru Nanak Ji, a maverick poet, spiritual seeker, and a mystic saint took birth on 14th April, 1469 at a place called Talwani, which is located in Lahore. The great saint was born into a Kshatriya family. His father was an agriculturist and an accountant as well. Since childhood, Guru Nanak used to converse with saints and had a mystic disposition and his mind was contemplative.

Guru Nanak tied knot to Sulakhani and he had two sons named Lakshmichand and Srichand. The brother-in-law of Nanak ji offered him a job and through this he used to get goods as his monthly wages. After some time, he left his job and disguised as a saint. He became a spiritual leader at the age of 34 and preached that “There is no Mussulman, there is no Hindu”. He traveled in various parts of India and became a public preacher. His only message was to spread love, truth, renaissance, and truth.

Some miraculous incidents are connected with the life of Guru Nanak. The first one goes like this, one day Nanak ji was sleeping and his feet was in the direction of Kaaba (a holy place for Muslims). When Kazi Rukan Ud Din saw this, he got angry and turned his feet. He was amazed when he observed that the mosque was also moving. Then he realized the glory and charm of Guru Nanak.

How is Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebrated?

Guru Nanak was a bohemian poet, a great teacher, and a spiritual seeker. Every year, Sikhs celebrate the birthday of Nanak Ji with high spirits. The auspicious occasion begins with the holy Prabhat Pheris and these processions starts from the Gurudwaras and then proceeds towards the vicinity. Continuous reading of holy ‘Akhand Path’ is a main part of the celebration. On the main day of this pious festivity of Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib is also carried on a slow moving vehicle, which is adorned with flowers. The followers of Guru Nanak wear traditional clothes, don kirpans, and portray their warrior qualities.

Local bands play religious music and devotees sing holy hymns while moving with the splendid procession. On this day, free sweets, holy water, and community lunches (langar), are given to all irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. Children, men, and women take part in the ‘Karseva’ and serve food to needy ones.