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International Women’s Day

Date: 8th March, 2015

Woman, when we hear this delicate word conjures up countless pictures in mind and evoke various sentiments like chaste love, caring nature and nurturing attitude. It is simply impossible to describe the beauty of woman even in millions of words. She is full of miracles, secrecies and understanding her is a mystery and needs a lot of knowledge and perseverance.

A woman plays several roles without thinking about her pains and sorrows. In brief, woman is the epitome of sacrifice, love, immense care and an essence of our lives. International Women’s Day is a day devoted to all women and commemorated on 8th March in all nations. The day gives respect and appreciates this delicate section of society to contribute in growth and development and make life beautiful for all of us.

History of International Women’s Day

In 20th century, nations, which were turning out to be industrially developed gave opportunity to many women. Needy ones as well as career-oriented women started working in these organizations. At that time, women only got the right to work in specific areas, such as domestic, textiles and manufacturing services, but the wages received by women were too low as compared to men and working conditions for laborers were also horrible.

In the year 1903, Women Trade Union League came into existence and professional women and women trade unionists formed it in US. The main intention behind this union was to continue the struggle to provide women some essential rights like ‘Right to vote’, and offer women more opportunities in the fields of economics and politics.

In February 1908, the first women’s day was celebrated on a wide level and it aimed at calling attention for women’s welfare and her basic rights. In the year 1999, a rally was organized on women’s day and more than 2,000 people took part in this. After this, the movement spread its wings in various nations and took the shape of a global festival very soon.

The big day is also set aside as commemoration of those normal women who lost their lives and played an imperative role to realize the importance of this significant section of society to all.

Women’s Day Celebrations

The special day is commemorated on 8th March and some nations have also declared this day as an official day. A number of activities are held and the importance of women in life is taught to people who consider them weak. It is a day to motivate women and encourage them to improve the level of life and society as well. Thousands of NGO’s participate in celebrations, depicts her importance by organizing seminars, stage plays, and give them award for their achievements and increased participation in various fields.