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Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Date: 01st -03rd Febuary, 2015

A visit to incredible and impressive India is incomplete without experiencing the unforgettable allure of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The desert city is also known as the ‘Golden City of India’ and was founded by Maharaja Jaiswal in the year 1156. Jaisalmer brings out the vivacity of the desert in a miraculous manner reminding one of a dreamy Arabian Nights saga.

Wrapped exquisitely in shimmering golden sands, the perched city of Jaisalmer is the location of the desert festival, which is held here every year in the month of February. Stunning hues of Rajasthani people and their awe-inspiring dance and music performances, seize people magnetically from far and wide. The mega festival gives an excellent opportunity to plunge into the true pulchritude of the titillating state of India.

The preparation for the multihued and ebullient festivity begins well in advance. Performers from various corners move into the desert city in colorful caravans. At the time of carnival, the city looks gorgeous and endows visitors with a magical experience. Visitors could also buy exquisite handicrafts items, such as leather bags, silver jewelry, stone items, embroidered attires, hand woven shawls, terracotta items, and a lot more that would satiate shopping thirst.

A number of artists participate in this mega colorful carnival. Artists from several parts of Rajasthan dance and sing eloquently to the conquests and the misfortunes of this vibrant state of India. Other prime attractions at the grand desert carnival include the nomadic performers, traditional acrobats, and gymnasts (Nat’s or Kalabaz)

Entertaining puppet shows, captivating folk music recitals, Ballads by the Langhas, and eye-catching shows of snake charmers under the awning of the shining stars & frosty winter sky could be seen here. Along with these amazing activities, longest moustache competition, Mr. Desert contest, and turban tying competition are the attractions that make this grand gala unforgettable one for visitors.

Amid foreign tourists, the man with the longest moustache contest is very popular, just because of the awe factor connected to this contest. The dazzling desert festival is incomplete and savorless sans camel. A good number of camels take part in several wonderful events, including camel dance, camel decoration, camel polo, and camel races. The camels of Jaisalmer are popular for their agility and speed.

There is no customary or religious ritual associated to the Jaisalmer desert festival. The grand festivity was primarily started to magnetize overseas tourists who always wanted to delve the various facets of colorful Rajasthan in the least possible stint of time and that too devoid of facing the harsh weather conditions.

Music shows and other cultural programs generally take place during the evening time. Pulsating drum beats would fill your ears with the sound that would etch in your mind for a long time. As the night passes by, the number of spectators’ puffs up and on the full moon light the grand finale of Jaisalmer desert festival takes place amid squashy sand dunes.

The three day grand gala highlights the sumptuous cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The entire city brims with exhilaration and greets all its visitors with open arms