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Kartik Purnima

Date: 14th November, 2016

An exquisite and spiritual festival, Kartik Poornima is rejoiced in the holy month of ‘Karthik’ (November) and on full moon day. It is the day, when Hindus worship the creator of world, Lord Brahma with full dedication. The holy month of Karthik is also dedicated to worshipping of God Sun, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Angira.

Irrespective of spiritual impulses, Hindus all across globe celebrates this day with great fervor. This day is also known as Deva Deepawali and has great importance for people who have deep faith in Indian astronomy. A number of festivities like Jain Light Festival, Dev Deepawali, Ganga Mahotsav, and Guru Nanak Jayanti are also observed on this day.

Mythological Tales Associated With Kartik Poornima

There are many legends that are connected with this Hindu festivity and the most popular one goes like this. One day, the creator of world, Lord Brahma yearned to perform a ‘Yajna’ or forfeit on earth and then he selected a hill to perform the grand Puja. To perform this yajna, Lord Brahma also followed penance for 1000 years. In addition to this, the divine being dropped a lotus flower, which created the sacred lake of Pushkar.

Before the beginning of his yajna, Lord Brahma saw that his eldest wife was not presented. Due to this he lost his temper and started the yajna with his younger wife, Savitri. When the eldest wife of Brahma Ji Savitri learnt of this, she was raged and cursed his husband that he would only revered by his followers on one specific day of the year. After this incident, this day came to be known as Kartik Poornima.

As per another mythological saga, it is also said that on Kartik Poornima, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Shiva demolished the evil empire of cruel demon Tripuri. The vindictive demon had the boon that neither any human being nor any God would be able to destroy him. He had no fear of death due to this boon and he was annoying everyone. To put a stop on his cruel activities, Lord Shiva came on earth and destroyed the demon Tripur.

How Karthik Poornima is celebrated?

Since times immemorial, the spiritual feelings, religious behavior, and views in contemporary India have witnessed an ocean of changes. Hindus commemorate Karthik Purnima all across nation with great devotion and zest. Many Hindus keep fast on this day and express their gratitude to divine beings. A lot of people also make a point to take a holy dip in the sanctified water of Ganges. Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Angira are worshipped on this day. Some people even perform the holy tradition of ‘Tulsi Vivah’ on Kartik Poornima.

This festival is also known as Dewa Deepawali so people also light clay lamps in the night. Chanting of holy mantras is also considered very propitious on this holy day. Special sweet dishes like halwa and kheer are also prepared on this day and distributed to relatives and friends.