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Karwa Chauth

Date: 19th October, 2016

The festival of Karwa Chauth holds an important place in the life of a married Indian woman. Karwa Chauth is derived from two words ‘Karwa’ means clay pot and ‘Chauth’ means fourth day. The auspicious Indian festival is devoted to the special bonding shared amid married couples. Married women observe this fast for the longevity and prosperous life of their husbands. It is rejoiced on the fourth day of the Karthik month and in a nation like India, Karwa Chauth is regarded as the biggest festival for the entire fraternity of married women.

Let us explore the various aspects of this sacred Indian festivity in detail:

Legends behind Karwa Chauth

The Story of Queen Veeravati
This is one of the most popular folklore attached deeply with Karwa Chauth. Veeravati was the only sister of her seven brothers and married to a king. On her first Karwa Chauth, she went to her parents’ home and as per the traditions, she observed the strenuous fast. She was eagerly waiting for the moon to appear. Her brothers asked her to break the fast as she was feeling unwell to the severities.

She refused and said that after the moonrise she will have food. Unable to see the pain of their dear sister, the brothers of Veeravati planned a trick. They lit a fire behind a distant hill and told her sister to break her fast.Veeravati saw the light and opened her fast. Just after this, she got the news that her husband is passed away. Veeravati asked for forgiveness then the Goddess Parvati granted that her husband will alive only if she observe Karwa Chauth fast again with full dedication. Veeravati followed all the rituals revived her husband’s life.

The story of Savitri and Satyavan
One day Lord Yamraj came on earth and took the soul of Satyavan. Savitri, the devout wife of Satyavan begged Lord Yama to leave her husband, but he rejected her plea. She gave up water and food in order to save the life of her husband. Lord Yama finally relented and from that day, married women celebrate the festival of Karwa Chauth to ensure the healthy and long life of their husbands.

Karwa Chauth Traditions and Rituals

On the pious occasion of Karwa Chauth, married women wear bright ethnic clothes, dazzling heavy jewelry, bangles and apply henna on their feet and palms. Fasting is an essential part and a married woman keep stern fast without taking even a single drop of water till moonrise. She breaks fast only after seeing the sights of moon rise.

A special thali is also arranged with holy items, such as idols of Goddess Gauri, vermillion, roli, chawal and offerings prepared at home. As the moon appears, married woman perform Puja and have the glimpse of her husband through a strainer. After this, she drinks water and break the fast. On this day, the younger woman seeks the blessings of elders by touching their feet and offer baya to them.