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Magha Purnima

Date: 03rd Febuary, 2015

Magha Purnima is one of the most consecrated and significant festivals in Hindu religion. On this Purnima, the devotees worship Lord Vishnu and take holy bath. The baths in the Hindu month of Magha usually starts with the Push Purnima. Along with worshipping the divine being, people also donate food, clothes and money to the deprived ones to seek their blessings.

It is mentioned in Hindu scriptures that taking bath in sacred rivers on Magha Purnima liberates a person from all kind of problems. Moreover, it is also believed that people who take bath in holy rivers like Ganga get emancipation from all the sins committed by them. This sacred bath should be taken early in the morning and believed to heal a number of diseases also.

Magha Purnima Puja

The holy puja starts with the worshipping of Lord Satyanarayan. Devotees arrange holy items like supari, kokum, roli, supari, banana leaves, fruits, flowers, and much more in a thali. Panchamrit is prepared with holy water, basil leaves, sweets, banana, honey, and milk. On the venerated day of Magma Purnima, people take bath and worship Lord Vishnu akin to Makar Sankranti. They also donate clothes, food items and money to deprived ones as it is considered sacred.

Along with Lord Satyanarayan, the devotees also worship Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and the Goddess Lakshmi. Devotees also made Prasad with sugar and wheat. After performing puja, panchamrit and Prasad are distributed amongst people gathered at the worship place.

Religious Significance of Magha Purnima

It is mentioned in Brahmavaivartpurana that Lord Vishnu himself living in Ganga River, which is a form of Kshir Sagar, and even a single dip into the holy water of Ganges washes off all the sins. As per Hindu Puranas, people who worship Lord Vishnu get emancipation from all the worries of life and attain peace, prosperity and happiness. During this month, charities and donations are considered very sacred.

As per Shastras, taking dip into any river during Magha Purnima is equal to taking a bath in sacred River Ganga. The holy festival of Magha Purnima is celebrated when Sun is in Capricorn sign and Moon is in Cancer. This day is marked with donations, charities and Yagyas by Hindu worshippers. On this holy day, ‘Prayag Sangam’ in North India is deluged with good number of worshippers who perform rites, rituals and offer prayers to the divine beings.