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Mother’s Day

Date: 14th May

It is true that God couldn’t reach everywhere so he made mothers. She is one of the best and greatest gifts endowed to humanity. A dedicated, caring and loving mother plays an indispensable role in the development of a child. She is like an angel who profusely infuses life with love, care, happiness and bliss.

The feeling of motherhood is the epitome of all the human relations and Mother’s Day is the only occasion when we can make her feel special and thanks her for all her support, care and love. Mother’s Day celebrates the essence of a mother. People regardless of their caste, creed, religion, age, and gender celebrates this day and pay reverence to their mothers.

Origination of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day History

Origin of this special day goes back to the period of Romans and Greeks. But the actual history of this occasion can be traced in UK. In UK, a Mothering Sunday was celebrated before the festival. The festival came into limelight through the hard work of two women Anna Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe.

Today, Mother’s Day is commemorated in more than 46 nations on different dates and now it is considered as a well-known affair. Millions of people who are living in various corners of earth take this global festival as an opportunity to honor their mothers and thank them for nurturing their lives in a right way.

Starting of Modern Day Mother’s Day Celebrations

About 150 years ago, the modern day celebration started in US. An Appalachian homemaker, Anna Jarvis drew attention of people by organizing an event. She raised the poor health issues of women in this event known as “Mother’s Work Day”. This occasion can be quoted as the starting of the Mother’s Day.

After 15 years, a lyricist, suffragist and pacifist, Julia Ward Howe started the Mother’s Day celebration. She encouraged all the women of the society and throw light on the importance of women and her role in the development of society.

Modern Day Mother’s Day Celebration

Initially the dedicated to all the mothers of the globe was celebrated in a serene way, but now the scenario has changed completely. Earlier it was considered as a sacred occasion and people went to visit holy places and wrote letters to their mothers. Now the changing time has given this festival a vibrant new shape.

These days, on Mother’s Day, people bestow their moms with a number of captivating gifts. Before the arrival of the occasion, one can see markets flooded with a wide spectrum of Mother’s Day gifts like chocolate boxes, floral arrangements, special greeting cards, accessories, and a lot more for moms.

In a nutshell, Mother’s Day is one such occasion that pays tribute to mothers. The special occasion is celebrated in various countries and in different styles, but the basic essence remains the same. It is the day when you can express your gratitude to your mother for all the sufferings she endured happily to give you the best of everything.