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National Science Day

National Science Day is commemorated all across India with full devotion and gusto on 28th of February. Every year, this day celebrates the success of Raman Effect in India, which was discovered by great Indian physicist, Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman. For his innovative contribution in the field of science, the great person was also honored and awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics in year 1930.

History of National Science Day

On 28th February1928, great physicist Sir Venkata Raman completed an innovative discovery and due to this India got a lot of accolades worldwide. He belonged to Tamilnadu and a first Indian scientist who had invented such discovery in India. To pay honor and celebrate this special day in the future, the National Council for Science and Technology Communications designated this day as National Science Day in the year 1986.

After this, the National Science Day was started commemorating all over nation as a great event. The special event is celebrated every year by researchers, students, teachers and students in all the research organizations and educational institutes of India. On the first commemoration observance of NSD in India, the National Council of Science and Technology Communication had announced awards in order to recognize excellent endeavor in the field of science.

National Science Day has endowed a real platform for several neophytes to show their potential in science.

Themes of National Science Day
  • Celebrating Physics- 2005
  • Nurture nature for our future- 2006
  • More crop per drop- 2007
  • Understanding the plant earth- 2008
  • Expanding horizons of science- 2009
  • Gender equality, science and technology for sustainable development- 2010
  • Chemistry in daily life- 2011
  • Clean energy options and nuclear safety- 2012
  • Genetically modified crops and food security- 2013
  • Fostering scientific temper- 2016

Objectives of Commemorating National Science Day
  • NSD widely spreads the message about the importance of science in day to day life
  • It wonderfully displays all the achievements, efforts and activities in the field of science for the welfare of human being
  • This event gives an opportunity to all scientific minded people of country to show their potential
  • To encourage people as well as promote science & technology

How National Science Day is celebrated in India?

The NSD is celebrated on a wide level. The celebration includes TV-Radio shows, exhibitions of science fictions, watching night sky, science fairs, debates, quiz competitions, live science projects, research demonstrations and other interesting activities.