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National Sports Day

National Sports Day is celebrated on 29th of August every year and an important day for sport persons in India. The day is rejoiced to pay tribute to the legendary hockey player of India, Major Dhyan Chand Singh who took birth on this day. The birth anniversary of this great hockey player of India made proud to the nation with his extraordinary skills in hockey. Dhyan Chand was the greatest player of hockey that India has ever seen.

Major Dhyanchand- The Sporting Legend

Dhyan Chand is also known as Major Dhyan Chand because of his close connections with the Indian army. He was in the army, but his guide, Subhedar Major Bale Tiwari recognized his hidden talent and guided him through the starting phases of his career in hocky. His first coach was Pankaj Gupta who taught him the real game and under his captaincy, Dhyan Chand became a master in goal scoring and ball dribbling. Due to his excellent hockey playing skills, he got the nickname ‘Chand’ that stands for ‘Moon’.

During his sports career, the great sportsperson received the Padma Bhushan award by Indian Government. In addition, Dhyan Chand had won the Olympic Gold medal six times continuously. Till this date, he is the only player who received Padma Bhushan award in hockey. In the history of Indian sports, the achievements and awards won by this great player are considered as the highest point in Indian sports arena.

Dhyan Chand was also known as the “Wizard of Hockey”. While playing, it appeared that the ball used to glue to his hockey stick. This is the magic of this great player. Even in a match, the sports officials of Tokyo broke his hockey stick to search for some kind of glue or magnet.

Another magical incident of his life is in a match, a woman from the audience asked Dhyan Chand to play hockey with her walking stick rather than using his own stick. He took the stick and played hockey so fast that it left all the spectators astonished. At the age of 51, Dhyan Chand retired from his service in army and after retirement he contributed a lot to the national game of India.

National Sports Day of India

After the death of Major Dhyan Chand, the birthday of this legendary hockey player has been commemorated as National Sports Day. It is primarily celebrated in sports academies and educational institutions all across the nation. In addition, efforts are on to make the new generation about the progression of sports in India. The sports authorities also inspired youth to make a successful career in various kinds of sports. On this day, a number of hockey matches are conducted and winners get trophies and other prizes.

Dhyan Chand Award was started in the year 2002 and it is bestowed to those who have contributed wholeheartedly in sports. This lifetime achievement award is also given to sportsperson who give major contributions even after retirement in sports.