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New Year’s Eve

Date: 31st December, 2016

Filled with enticing colors, sparkling fireworks, spine chilling drinks, groovy dance tunes, and a lot that can make anyone crazy, yes this is that charm of New Year Eve that binds people together. All across globe, people with full fervor and exuberance celebrate New Year eve and gives a warm welcome to the coming year. The vivacious and colorful night is marked with serene prayers, happening parties, and social feasting.

History of New Year Eve Celebrations

Since times immemorial, people have welcomed the New Year with fun and frolic to attract good fortune. As per the history the starting of New Year dates back to the era of emperors. The great emperors thought to fix a day for the end and starting of coming year. It is said that the first New Year eve celebration was noticed around 2000 years back in Mesopotamia. The Phoenicians, Persians, Greeks and Egyptians enjoyed the special evening at the time of Equinox.

New Year Celebrations

Most of the nations celebrate New Year evening on 31st. In ancient times the day was celebrated in a modest way, but now the new generation cherishes this tradition by enjoying it in an extravagant way. Preparations have started before the arrival of the last day of the year on a large scale. Restaurants, hotels, pubs, and clubs organize New Year eve parties.

People desperately waits for this day and when it comes they sing, dance like crazy fellow and savor lip smacking dishes. The celebration reaches to peak when the clock strikes at 12. People burst midnight fireworks all across globe to greet the onset of New Year. As the clock strikes at 12, people cut cakes and share drinks to express their happiness. They hug people around them happily wish them “Happy New Year”.