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Parents’ Day

Date: 26th july

Parents’ Day is commemorated every year on the fourth Sunday of July. The festival marks an expression of a sense of thankfulness and gratitude from children towards their parents. Our parents are like invisible God; they bring us to the beautiful world and give our life a beautiful shape. The relationship that is shared between parents and child is pious and can’t be expressed even in thousands of words. Our parents’ teach us the real meaning of life and imbibe in us the positive qualities, which make us better human beings.

Parents’ support us in every phase of life. Parents Day is one such special occasion, which is dedicated to all the parents. It is a special day that is meant to honor the parents for all the sufferings they pass through to provide their children the best of everything. Picnics, parties and family outings are arranged on this day to make it special and unforgettable one for parents.

Why Parents’ Day

Parents’ Day is a special day, which lays emphasis on the importance of parents in life. It is a day for the children to make them feel special. The main reason to celebrate this great day is to express thank and acknowledge parents for all that they do for their children without thinking about their comforts and pains.

Parents give a complete shape to a family and family is the first institution wherein a child learns the values of life. Parents face numerous pains in the nurturing of child. They sacrifice their whole life for shaping up the life of their child. Such an altruistic service provided all through their life for the child by the parents deserve special importance and a single day of the year.

History of Parents’ Day

In the year 1994, the US President Bill Clinton formally established the Parents’ Day. During his presidential term, people celebrated Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, but he wanted to dedicate a day to honor the efforts of mother and father both in nurturing a child. Soon he passed a law, which was unanimously accepted by all and the fourth Sunday of the July month was declared as Parents’ Day’.

Significance of Parents’ Day

In today’s modern society, we can see drastic changes in relationships. As we see around us, we notice that the number of divorce cases is increasing swiftly. Families are losing their values and this is the main reason that put forward the importance of parents in society. It also supports the idea that both father and mother should nurture a child. Parents’ Day teaches us the importance of parents in our life, family and society as well.

Honoring Parents

Parents sacrifice their life in the nourishing of their children. In return, they also expect respect, love, care and honor from their children. You can show your ocean of love and care to your parents through many ways. If you are working, support them financially and show them that they are in safe hands.