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How to make rakhi at home?

Date: 18th August, 2016

Want to make the celebration of upcoming Raksha Bandhan an event to remember? Go extra miles by making your own rakhi thread instead of buying one from the market.

For instance, there is something extra special about homemade delicious food rather than the restaurant food, likewise there is a personal emotion attached to the homemade rakhi as compared to a readymade one. Everyone flocks to the market to buy some beautiful threads for their brother, but when you bro will see you making an auspicious thread just for himself; surely he’d appreciate your effort.

To help you interpret your noble purpose into a striking thread. Below are a few great yet simple ideas with instruction about how to make rakhi at home.

Simple Rakhi

Things required: 30 inch long multi-colored silk threads, glue, a hard toothbrush, cotton strands, a pair of scissors, attractive beads & sequins.

  1. Fold the bunch of 30 inch long silk threads in such a way that lengthy remain half of its size.
  2. Take cotton strands and tie a knot at 1/4th of the length of the silk threads.
  3. Cut the knotted threads from the loops & brush with a hard brush to give it a fluffy look.
  4. Next, part the longer part of the silk threads into two halves & ponytail them according to your need.
  5. Once again, tie the ends with cotton thread & fluff up the open ends.
  6. Now these two strands are used for tying.
  7. Decorate the rakhi with sequins and beads by gluing them. Use the beads and make auspicious symbol of swastika.

Pearl Rakhi:

Things required: a reel of cotton thread, a silk thread reel, scissors, glue, a hard toothbrush & some artificial pearls.

  1. Cut 25 pieces each 25 inch from the silk thread reel.
  2. Fold all the cut-pieces at midpoint ensuring that both of their ends meet each other.
  3. Only 4-5 inches from the middle point, knot the bunch with the help of cotton thread reel.
  4. Now, work on the longer end of the knotted bunch to make tying string of the final thread.
  5. Part the longer bunch into two equal halves.
  6. Ponytail both the parted end separately & knot a cotton thread at a point, which is 2 inches from the end of the thread. Now the string you’ll use for tying the rakhi thread are ready.
  7. Cut the shorter part of the thread bunch from the midpoint. Use this center portion to make the base of the rakhi.
  8. Comb the center portion with a hard toothbrush to make it fluffy.
  9. Right on the fluffy part; stick artificial pearls so that it ends up in a decorative base. Now you pear rakhi is ready!

Mauli or Kalawa Rakhi

Things required: A Mouli or Kalava, Religious Symbol Tulsi/ Rudraksh/Swastika, Sandalwood Beads or Tiny Shells, Scissors, Cotton Thread, Glue.

  1. Take a 50-inches long simple mauli thread and fold it from the middle.
  2. Ponytail it or plait as required.
  3. Tie the cotton thread over it leaving some space from its ending point.
  4. Remove the loops from the ends.
  5. Glue auspicious symbol at the center and decorate the rest of the edges with tiny shells or pearls.
  6. Now your rakhi is made!

Try these rakhi making methods at home and make your own rakhi!