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Rakhi Celebrations

Date: 18th August, 2016

In a country like India, where celebrations are observed year round, each relationship is worshipped, Rakhi celebrations are all about fostering that teasing, sniffing, snitching, but beautiful bond shared between brothers and sisters. Though the soul of the festival has been painted with deep-rooted customs, traditions and rituals, the style of the celebration has disguised itself with contemporary flavors too. Since time immemorial, Raksha Bandhan is being rejoiced the same customary way. Every ritual associated with this festival is followed with the same fervor; the gaieties however have just blown up to a larger scale.

Everyone prepares for the celebration well in advance even months before the festival. About a month before, sisters start hunting for cool yet beautiful rakhis for their brothers. Market gets flooded with different types of rakhis from fancy to traditional ones. Shopping for rakhi and rakhi gifts gets started well in advance. People also shop for new clothes especially for their siblings along with rakhi. Be it a sweet shop, rakhi shop, garment shop, gift shop or else, each of them gets flooded with customers.

Rakhi celebration takes everyone in its grip. Family reunion, gatherings and merrymaking project the sublime sparkles of this beautiful celebration. Like any other festival of India, Raksha Bandhan too has its own significance.

On the propitious the auspiciousness of the celebration begins by the day break. After getting fresh early in the morning, people put on new clothes and adulate God. After seeking blessings of God, sisters carry out rituals followed by aarti, tilak and then tie the divine thread onto the brotherís hand. After that they offer sweet to brothers, this makes the festivity sweeter than ever. In return, brothers shower their sisters with love and affection. They pamper them with beautiful gifts and pledge to protect them all through their lives.

After carrying out all these customs, every family member gets united to have fun. Sharing delicious food, feasting, munching on sweets, gifting, dance, and music, are common among people this auspicious day.