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Rakhi Styles of Bygone Era

Date: 18th August, 2016

Raksha Bandhan is the day on which siblings express their affection with each other reveling in the festive joy. Sisters covey affection by tying a holy thread around their brother’s hands. During the course of time, the colours, styles, materials and patterns of rakhi thread have gone through drastic changes. The rakhi which you use today can be seen in a number of designs as well as styles.

Some of the most popular styles of Rakhi threads are mentioned here. Cotton and silk materials are quite famous for making auspicious thread. Here is a list of rakhis used by people over couple of years:

Traditional Styles:

A few years back the style of the rakshabandhan was quite simple like a fragile dora, dhaaga, thread, mouli or kalawa. Now, this style has taken a quite fashionable look with changing time. The simplest thread is now made fancy with dazzling centerpieces. The use of silver or golden materials has made it even more flashy.

Mouli Rakhi:

It is a kind of holy string, which is widely used by Hindu community for religious purposes. Usually, these strings come in color red and yellow and are tied on the wrist of people participating in auspicious rituals. This thread is also called kalava.

Ram Rakhi:

It is a type of rakhi made of silk threads. They come with simple sober look and are away from heavy embellishments. The small center of the rakhi is made in floral pattern.

Cotton or Silk Thread:

During bygone days, it was a simple string to tie around brother’s wrist. Nowadays a large number of materials are available in the market to choose from. Even today people opt for strings made of cotton or silk twisted in various styles.

Resham Rakhi:

They are very famous since long time back. Resham rakhi are made from silk and cotton for a bit more comfy look and feel and bright appearance. One can avail all types of resham rakhi from simple to highly embellished ones. Brother of all age group like these rakhis due to their auspicious look.

Divine Rakhi:

Owing to their religious background as well as charm, people flock to the market to choose divine rakhi. These days an attractive lineup of divine rakhis is available with religious symbols like ‘Swastika’, ‘Om’, ‘Shree’, etc. The use of religious symbols on a divine thread gives the occasion most needed religious charm.

Floral Rakhi:

During the festival of Rakhi, flowershaped rakhi is quite popular. They come in flower shaped designs from small to larger centerpieces. They are designed specifically to add ethnic grace to the celebration.

Zari Rakhi:

As the name implies, these rakhis are made of zaris. The use of such threads is widespread in previous years. zari is used to make a chain with dazzling centerpieces. One can avail this rakhi in golden or silver zari with glittering shine.s