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Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan Gift Traditions

Date: 18th August, 2016

In India, celebrating any occasion doesn’t pass over the tradition of gifting. Gifts are vital parts of Raksha Bandhan. Since time immemorial brothers have been bestowing their sisters with Rakhi gifts as part of tradition. After thread tying ritual brothers give tokens of thankfulness, appreciation and love. In fact, sisters demand rakhi gifts from their brothers either in the form of cash or something. This little nagging amongst siblings for gifts even make the atmosphere of Raksha Bandhan hilarious, joyous.

The gives as well as tokens given on this festive occasion include dry fruits, sweets, apparels, chocolates, and many more. Of late, sisters have also started giving gifts or something special in return to brothers whether younger or elder. The main reason for such a change in tradition is the ever increasing distance not in their hearts but geographically. Rakhi gifts signify an extended expression of sisterly- brotherly love attached together.

With so many customary gifts available, watches too have become a sough-after souvenir for brothers and sisters. Wrist watches are timeless gifts and a constant remainder of someone’s thoughtful gifting gesture. It is most acceptable rakhi gift amongst all.

Another gift that sisters bestow their brother with is jewelled rakhi. It’s a bracelet type thread that can be found in gold to silver metal. This auspicious thread in metal form could go luxurious with precious or semiprecious stones or could be simple with elegant cut and design. They are sough-after owing to their durability & luxurious look.

Who can forget sweets and chocolates when it comes to rejoice festivities together! Dry fruits along with sweet treats are a convenient yet most preferred Rakhi gifts. Personalized cup, photo frames, pen sets, cushions, jeweled tie, cufflinks, etc. are other options.

These gifts make Rakhi celebration even more pulsating.