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Sati Puja

Sati Puja is one of the ancient Indian festivals wherein the martyrdom of Indian women is worshipped with full devotion and commitment. Married women on Amavasya of Krishna Paksha perform the holy Sati puja in the Hindu month of Jyeshta to attain a happy marital life and pleasure of children by women. All Hindu married women celebrate this Puja twice in year.

‘Sati’ is described as an ancient Hindu ritual wherein the widow was burnt alive, along with her husband’s pyre. As per the Hindu customs and traditions, it is an unconditional love and selfless attitude of a wife towards her husband.

Legends behind the Sati Puja

The term ‘Sati’ is mainly derived from the name of the Goddess Dakshayani. In Hindu religious literature, it is mentioned that the wife of Lord Shiva ‘Uma’ was the first woman who burnt herself alive in fire as she could not bear the humiliation of her Husband Lord Shiva by her her father Daksha. While burning herself, she prayed to reborn again as the wife of Lord Shiva. Later on, she took birth again and her new incarnation appeared with the name of ‘Parvati’.

Another legend says that when the husband of Savitri Satyavan died, Lord Yamraj came on earth to take his soul. Savitri begged and said to Lord Yama to take her life instead of his husband, but the Lord was unable to do so. Therefore, Savitri chased Lord Yama and after a long time, the Lord pleased with her chaste love and care towards his dead husband and offered Savitri a boon, except the life of her husband. Savitri said that she want to have children from Satyavan. Lord Yama restored Satyavan to life as he had no other option left. In addition, after this incident, Savitri gained back the life of her husband.