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Sharad Poornima

Date: 26th Oct, 2015

Sharad Poornima is also known as Kojaagari Poornima and The Moon Festival. The harvest festival of India is commemorated in the Hindu lunar month of Ashbin and on full moon day. It is believed that on this pious day, the moon appears very bright and it marks the beginning of winter season. Akin to Dussehra, people rejoice the full moon festival in several different ways. Lord Krishna presides over the carnival in some parts of the country, while Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped in some other regions.

The shimmering and divine night of Sharad Poornima holds great spiritual and religious importance. There are many mythological tales that are connected to this auspicious and the popular ones are mentioned below.

Legends Behind Sharad Purnima

Sharad Purnima as’Kojaagari Poonam’
It is believed that on this propitious festival, the Goddess Lakshmi visits to the homes of her devotees and blesses the individual who is awake for longevity and wealth. To seek the blessings of the Goddess, people don’t sleep whole night, sing holy hymns, and chant mantras.

Sharad Purnima as ‘Raas Poornima’
As per another mythological tale, on the illuminated night of Sharad Purnima, Lord Krishna invited the gopis of his village to play raasleela with him. He played his flute and started the Maha Raasleela. When Lord Shiva heard the soothing sound of Lord Krishna’s flute, he thought to meet the divine being. He followed the sound and reached to Vrindavan. Lord Krishna recognized Lord Shiva suddenly and bestows him the title of Lord of Gopis or Gopeshwar.

Kumar Poornima in Orissa
People in Orissa commemorate this day as Kartikeya Purnima or Kumar Poornima. It is believed that Kumar Kartikeya, the handsome and brave son of Lord Shiva was born on this day and special pujas are arranged to please Lord Kartikeya.

Moon Showers Nectar on Sharad Poornima
The festival is an ideal occasion to get blessings from Moon God. As per legends, it is said that on this day, moon showers divine nectar (amrit) through its rays and these rays have the powers to heal several diseases. Therefore, people prepare kheer on this day and keep it under the moonlight to get rid of ailments.

How is Sharad Purnima Celebrated?

The auspicious Hindu festival has a great religious significance. It is believed that people who keep fast on this day is bestowed with happy, prosperous, and healthy life. In some parts of India, people on this day also thread a needle under the moonlight and thus is said to improves the eyesight. Rice flakes with milk is also prepared and kept under moonlight. This kheer is distributed on the next day as Prasad and is believed to be very beneficial for mind, body, and soul.