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Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day: 14 February

Love, a sweet feeling, drenches mind and body, is a powerful emotion and the amalgamation of many different sentiments that it can be onerous to abbreviate it to just one word called ‘Love’. The four letter word is the foundation for all human relations and disencumbers us from all the weights, worries and pains of life.

Every year, the feeling of love is celebrated as ‘Valentine’s Day’ all across globe. Celebrated enthusiastically by love birds on February 14, it is a special day that spreads the message of love and affection all around the world. People who are in love desperately waits for this lovely occasion.

Different regions celebrate the day of love and romance in their own special ways, but the basic concept of everlasting, pious and true love remains the same. Below mentioned is a brief history of Valentine’s Day. Take a look-

History behind the Celebration of Valentine’s Day

A legend behind this love-filled day is esoteric, and further misted up by a number of fanciful tales. The most popular story is that St. Valentine was a Christian and lived in Roman. He was arrested for helping people, who were endeavoring hard to flee from the jail where they were treating like animals. St. Valentine was dragged in front of the Emperor of Rome and as per his orders; his soldiers put him in the prison.

In the jail, Valentine denied confidently said no to give up Christianity. Soon, he fell in love with the daughter of the jailer. Before his execution, he wrote his all feelings and signed it ‘From your Valentine’ and he got death penalty on Feb14. Slowly, this date became as the day to express love and after this forlorn incident St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers.

Interesting Facts on Valentine’s Day
  • It is said that the modern day of rejoicing Valentine’s Day was mainly started in England and France.
  • Around 498 A.D, Pope Gelasius of Rome proclaimed February 14 as Valentine’s Day.
  • In Ancient cultures, heart shape was considered as the most popular symbol to express affection and love.
  • Do you know that red rose was the favorite flower of Roman Goddess Venus? The exquisite and delicate bloom is a flower of love and stands for strong feelings.
  • Richard Cadbury introduced the first Valentine’s Day chocolate box.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations around the World

Valentine’s Day is a momentous day in most of the countries of the world. Celebrated with extreme zest, the day of love is characterized by an avid exchange of chocolates, love cards, flowers, and other gifts amid the lovers.

Different countries rejoice this day in a different way and have fascinating customs and traditions. For young hearts, the festival of love gives them the perfect opportunity to profess their profound feelings for their beloved. Stamped as the day of love, Valentine’s Day is an important day for lovers all across globe, this is the time when they drop their inhibitions and show their delicate emotional side to their mate.