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Hug Day

Hug Day : 12 February

A warm hug can cure your moody blues and kick off stress within seconds. February 12th is officially celebrated as Hug Day in Valentine Week and a wonderful occasion to hug loved ones. This is the best time to express how much you care and love through cozy cuddle. While hugging, your warmth and love passes clearly from you, and it eventually chase away the clouds of gloominess.

Hugging to dear ones, can be soothing and adoring at the same time. Hugs have the power to turn the gloomiest situation into a bright day. When we hug someone, it simply shows that we do care about them. So, do not under estimate the power of Hug Day on this Valentine Day. Hug your dear ones in a delicate manner and let them know that they can count on you as a true buddy or as a charming lover.