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Propose Day

Propose Day: 8 February

If you have been desperately waiting with lured breath for whole year to utter your feelings on a day when you can ask over that special person, who has seized your heart, propose day is undoubtedly a perfect day. 8th February is celebrated as Propose Day every year and a right event to pour your heart in front of person you love. It is the day when you can hop to the next level of your relationship and officially turn into a couple. For those who are already in love, their relationships become strong.

So donít wait and go out in an inferno with no grasps debarred, open out your heart to your crush and speak up those three romantic words without taking any burden your mind. To make propose day more memorable, set for the perfect mood and once you manage all this smoothly, just go off and pop up the question, which is spinning in your mind. Make sure you charm your partner in a perfect way as it will increase the chance for a BIG roger.