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Teddy Day

Teddy Day: 10 February

All love cuddly, squashy, sweet and soft teddy bears, isnít? They are the sign of cuteness, affection and innocence. Teddies cure loneliness with their softness when you are away with your partner.

On propose day when you manage to capture the heart of your lady love, teddy day is the best time to pamper your love by gifting him/her with a cute soft toy. Gift like teddies will surely bring out the innocent kid back in your partner and she will definitely give you loads of hugs-n-kisses for this. On the basis of love, affection and care towards each other, teddy day marks the imploring of an adorable relationship.

So on Teddy Day when all love birds comes together to celebrate Valentine Week, donít forget to gift your love a mushy and floppy teddy in enticing forms like key chains, pillows and other varieties as a constant reminder of you.