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Vishwakarma Pooja

Date: 16th September, 2016

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Vishwakarma is the divine engineer since the ancient times. He is considered as ‘Dev Shilpi’ or the divine architect. As a mark of respect, professionals, on this day worship Lord Vishwakarma since the puranic age. In Rig Veda it is mentioned that that Vishwakarma has supreme strength and multi-dimension vision.

The sacred Jayanti is celebrated in the month of September or October. On this day, all the professionals place their instruments and tools in front of the figurine of Lord Vishwakarma and perform Puja to get success and prosperity in life. The day is dedicated to Vishwakarma, as per the directions given by the Lord Brahma, he designed the universe. Every year, weavers, artists, artisans, and all industrial houses celebrates this Puja with full devotion.

Myths Associated with Vishwakarma Jayanti

It is mentioned in Hindu mythology that Vishwakarma is known as ‘The Architect of Gods’ or ‘Devashilpi. Yogasiddha was her mother and sister was known as Brihaspati. His father name was Prabhas and he was the eighth hermit of the well-known Astam Basu. As per Hindu folklores, it is believed that along with the universe, Lord Vishwakarma created heaven and earth as well. He also created weapons that were used in mythological times to destroy the evil powers.

The divine being is considered as the best artist, the symbol of excellence in artisanship. Mythological tales also depicts some of the best creations of Vishwakarma in vivid details. Vishwakarma designed the holy capital of Lord Krishna, Dwarka. In addition to this, he also built the huge town of Hastinapur, which was the mystical capital of Kauravas and Pandavas.

Vishwakarma also fabricated the town of Indraprastha for great Pandavas. Creation of “Sone ki Lanka” was his most prominent creations where demon kind Ravana lived and ruled. The great architect Vishwarkarma is the divine artist who fabricated entire universe beautifully. He has four hands, carrying a noose, a water pot, a book, and craftsman’s instruments.

Vishwakarma Jayanti Celebrations

The deified festival of Vishakarma Puja is rejoiced with full zeal and observed primarily in factories, offices and workshops in the industrial areas. On this days, shops are decorated with fresh flowers and statues of Lord Vishwakarma with his faithful elephant are placed and worshipped by people. The industrial towns in city come alive with well-decked pandals and chanting of holy mantras.

The Puja is usually organized within the premises and family members and employees gather at the Puja premises and this create a bright moment for all. The customs are followed by the distribution of ‘Prasad’. Sweets are distributed to all the employees and family members and they all pray for the prosperity. A lot of industrials also give annual bonus to their employees.

The annual feast is prepared and owners with all the workers take the lunch together. People also fly kites and on this day, you can see all the colors and shades of kites on sky.