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World Labor Day

Date: 1th May

Labor has been one of the prime forces of all nationsí industrial as well as economic growth. For a swift and smooth progress of industries, labor works like fuel. The toil and sweat of working segment of society has been the main factors of development.

Labor Day or May Day is one such day, which is dedicated to the working class of society and celebrated every year on May 1. It is a special day for all workers, which celebrates their role in fiscal growth. May 1st, World Labor Day celebrates the historic fight of working individuals all across globe, and all nations celebrates it except South Africa, Canada and United States.

Significance of World Labor Day

All across globe, May 1 continues to signify the worldwide battle of the labor segment against the industrial system. It is a day when labors can raise their voice against what is right and what is wrong for them.

How Labor Day Came into Existence?

If we flip the pages of history then it is mentioned over there that May Day was officially accepted as World Labor Day at an assembly of the Marxist Socialist Congress, which was organized in Paris and in the year 1889. The prime goal of this international summit was to cut down the working hours of labors.

Struggle For Ten Hours Day

In 19th century, United States was witnessing huge economic growth. As the economy of swelled up, the capitalist class of US collected a good amount of money. The economy was growing swiftly, but the condition of labor class was excruciating. The working hours were 13 to 15 hours long.

Soon, labor organizations organized a meeting in the year 1835 in Boston to reduce working hours. As this struggle ended, the average working hours were trimmed down to 11 hours.

Civil War and Struggle for Eight Working Hours

After the Civil War, the first National Labor Union came into existence. Numerous local organizations around the world came up for the rule for an eight hour working day. In 1868, various small cities and six states agreed on eight hour day legislation.

May 1, 1886

Approximately 500,000 labors took action on May 1 1886 in several corners of world. The enormous struggle took place in Chicago where 65,000 workers took action against the brutal working condition of workers. After a long battle against capitalistsí slavery, The American Federation of Labor declared May 1 as World Labor Day.